Lulu Sylvester

Singer, Bass Player

Lulu was born to sing.  She loves every style of music and will sing a song as if she wrote it herself.  She also plays acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano and just recently learned to play bass for The Luluz.

From folk, to rock, to disco, and now some blues, Lulu never ceases to amaze.  

Look for Lulu's solo and duo shows, too.  Whether by herself on acoustic guitar, or with her husband, Doug, singing your favorite pop songs, you will always be entertained.

Doug Sylvester

Vocals and Percussion

Doug has been playing drums since he was a child, and has been in various successful bands.  He also plays guitar and is a prolific songwriter as well.  Doug is well-known in the local music industry.  He is a solid drummer and can adapt to any style.  His Dad also played drums.   The apple didn't fall too far from the tree, as they say.

Greg Link

Vocals and Guitar

This guy is a virtuoso on guitar.  He can get bluesy and funky and rock along with the classics.  His sense of humor is quirky, too.  Otherwise known as "Basil", he fits in well with this new trio.